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Weight What?

My son was over for dinner last night and what he probably thought was idle chit chat fueled a passionate soap box moment with me. He may have wanted to halt the conversation right after the words left his mouth, but the topic pierced my heart just as it would so many of us.

My son told me the story about a friend’s mom who just returned from vacation and bemoaned her weight gain. The cool part of his story was how my son talked with the mom and suggested ways that I eat for health and wellbeing. Me, I was his healthy point of reference! Me as a health symbol has not been the case for most of my son’s or my life, but the message is clearer now than ever before. Transformation to health and a healthy weight is a reality for everyone. The path is waiting to be taken, but the confusing and contradictory weight loss messages are daunting!

The friend’s mom apparently took my son’s advice for a day and then went right back to a high fat and carbohydrate loaded diet. My son was baffled, and I felt like I was in a past life regression.

That’s when an inner passion overtook me like a southern preacher and the sermon flowed. “I know exactly why she can’t stick to healthy eating. It’s the unconscious mind! It will sabotage her every time her conscious mind decides to and tries to get healthy and lose weight.”

My son stared at me and uttered, “huh?”

His response was a clear indication that more passion was required! “Conscious willpower can only be sustained for a brief time. Then, unconscious thoughts, emotions, trauma, lack of self-love, disconnection, internal & external negativity, ineffective physical functioning, the ego and more wreak havoc. The result every time is that the suffering individual is forced to choose the soothing path. Maybe the path is unhealthy eating, overusing alcohol, sexual escape, or another soother. The tortuous cycle will continue until the person’s internal and external environments are healed and synchronized.”

I must have explained it differently in all my excitement, because my son sat back and said, “Wow, that really makes sense.”

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