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The Seductress

Drama is seductive. It is a devious form of negativity.

Internal and external drama seems on the surface to be whatever the situation is currently about. For example, “He doesn’t like me; well, he doesn’t like anyone. He thinks he’s just too good for people…,” looks like it is just a relational issue that a person is getting upset about. But if these types of dramatic situations are cropping up quite a bit in someone’s life, there could be more to the story.

Drama was prevalent for most of my life for a variety of reasons. Before I began my healing journey, excitement and drama found it’s way into every part of my life. Coming from a chaotic childhood where drugs, alcohol, and upheaval were a normal part of life, I became accustomed to living life in turmoil. So, my drug of choice was drama and chaos.

Another handy use for drama was avoidance. The typical emotion I was running from was fear. It was much easier for me to head toward turmoil so I could experience anger, disappointment, and resentment; anything but fear.

One way I moved out of my drama laced life was to work programs like and to address early coping mechanisms that I had developed.

Another way I moved toward healing was through emotional processing. I used therapy, coaching, EMDR, EFT, EFT Matrix Reimprinting, journaling, and more.

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