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Maximize Peace & Minimize Stress

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I was hyper stressed for most of my life, locked in an unrelenting fight/flight cycle. Severe and complex PTSD, anxiety, intermittent depression, and obesity were also along for the ride called my life.

I participated in long term therapy, groups, EMDR, EFT, self help books, you name it and I sought it. While these remedies were all helpful, they only allowed me to survive day to day living.

That is until I discovered a transformational path to a sustainable thriving, peaceful, and absolutely joyful existence.

The first step to this process is Boundaries. No, I’m not talking the typical boundary conversation where maybe your mom keeps giving your two-year-old child soda when you don’t want her to. I am talking Boundaries on Negativity.

I had some experience with this type of boundary because I had to have clear external boundaries after I survived a mass murder in my workplace. I could not handle seeing any violence or reported violence for many years following that incident. But unfortunately, I never learned about setting internal boundaries on negativity and I had fully loosened my external boundaries when COVID hit.

At the onslaught of COVID, I might as well have been being hunted by the mass murderer, only this was seeming death by a virus. I was in full on PTSD again and more hypervigilant about negative information and thinking than ever. And to make matters worse I was isolated in my negative imminent death spiral. That is until I said enough of this road to hell and started my amazing transformational journey.

I am proof that you can heal and transform from anything!

The first step of the healing journey is setting external Negativity Boundaries. While healing, External Boundaries on what you allow into yourself are crucial to maintain your focus on your healing. Not on the drama of the world. The second boundary is watching for and catching Internal Negativity. When you catch that internal negative dialogue, thank it for its past role, and then choose to think in the opposite positive direction. I call it switching railroad tracks in the mind.

Be patient and consistent with yourself because this can be tiring work for you and your brain. But I am here to tell you that this is the beginning of your life altering transformation.

Laina Spring 2021

Laina Christmas 2017

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