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Kumon Homeworks

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kumon homeworks

kumon is definitely not for everyonei ve met parents who shudder at the mere mentioning of the name to parents who think you are are a psycho for putting your child thru itbut having been in kumon since september 2011 when my son just turned 3 its been the best decison ive ever madehes a gifted child who was already adding and subtracting so i had to do something to let him thrive on his skills , hes been doing fabulously wellthe advantage to starting early is no matter which center you start they know the kid and youmy instructor has been wonderful , we do 2 sheets a day cause no matter how good a child is its insane for me as a parent to expect him to do and enjoy 5th grade math when hes in grade 1 in schoolim very much a hands on mom and i like the fact that they let you be so involved in your child s life and besides it take

It's so bad. I'm currently in kumon and it is so much for me. I have other things to focus on which now made it ruin my mental health real, i think about death on a daily basis when i do this. (i'm forced so pls free me) don't recommend

Kumon is a memory based process which is for dumb people,they don't have any methodology for brain improvement.I put my kid at kumon and after a while when I asked new Lynn branch head ti explain me the method she was very rude and could not explain anything.As long she was making money she was extremely nice and when you question her she turns total opposite,I believe that says a lot about it.lots of parents who are not well educated they waste their money without understanding the methodology and its not going help their child in any way.I do not recommend Kumon to anybody.Jolly Sen(child -Pearl Ghosh)

I am a sophomore in highschool and I have completed up to level M in kumon mathematics. Unfortunately, I STRONGLY do not recommend this program. First of all, students focus on the same subject for 200 pages (which is 1 level). The reason this is bad is because it takes a long time to complete one level and if students are focusing on the same thing, it takes them a very long time to move on to different subjects. You might be thinking "well they are just trying to get you to know the subject," but kumon basically just takes the same 35 questions and repeats them. Second reason is that it is VERY expensive. For worksheets that are not that effective, they make you pay a lot! So in my opinion, I would recommend other programs because this one is not good at all!

My mom enrolled me in Kumon in the 2nd Grade, because I was slow at math. It was ok at first, but slowly, it started getting worse and worse. When I was having difficulty, instead of helping me, my teachers shouted at me. And instead of helping me learn the lesson when I was having a hard time, they just made me do the entire worksheet over again. Kumon also assigns homeworks every day, so when you were on vacation, you couldn't even relax. On top of all that, it was hard to balance Kumon homeworks and school assignments. So either I wouldn't do my Kumon worksheets, or I would do my Kumon worksheets but my school assignments would be past due. Overall, I $#*!ing hated it.

My mom enrolled me and my brother when I was in 4th grade and he was in kindergarden but he got on grade level work meanwhile I was put at a lower level and were flying by the problems so after a while my mom takes us out only to put us back in when I was in 5th grade then again my brother got grade level work so did I but they were lessons behind from what I was actually learning so it was hard for me because it wasn't what I was learning at the time and it was really confusing me and on top of that THE HOMEWORK was awful if I was on break from school I could forget about it because I STILL had kumon homework and had to go to kumon on top of that the graders we're doing anything but helping you and I had a new grader who was rasict and failed me on purpose but luckily my mom saw what they were doing and how what they made me do and what I was learning was not the same thing and took us OUT I am happy but PLEASE DON"T TAKE YOUR CHILD THERE it's a waste of your time,gas,and money

My daughter attends kumon in Rockridge and we've been really pleased. Her school, while good at math concepts, never really required her to learn her math facts, and by the end of third grade, she still didn't have her multipication tables memorized. Having to learn x number of equations in y time, as a previous post mentioned, allows my daughter to become fluent in math, and her confidence really soared. Sim, the man who runs that center, is a fantastic mentor that doesn't judge your child. He is another reason we have been so happy. And the price can't be beat compared to tutors and educational therapists. Good luck! Michelle

This is a P.S. to my earlier posting because I of course woke up this morning with another thought about kumon. Kumon introduces concepts in small steps so that kids can actually learn them on their own, teaching independence. It has also taught my daughter about time management (something she needed,) and she has learned that by practicing a little bit each day, she can see real progress in a short few months. She's learned the valuable lesson that success comes from consistent work. Hope that helps! Michelle

my 3rd grader son has been going to kumon since january and is still not working at grade level in kumon, although the kumon teacher says he is making great progress & we will see benefits soon, i take that with a grain of salt since she is running a business. my son wasn't behind in schoolwork, he was already working at or above grade level, we just thought the extra work would be good. however, he just got his school report card & we didn't see the slightest improvement. i know kumon's philosophy is to start kids below grade level to build up confidence, etc, but how long can we expect it to take before he is challenged by his kumon work? right now, it is sooo easy for him. we are unsure how long we should hang in there to see if it is beneficial.

i'm not looking for views on whether children that are already working at/above grade level should participate in kumon, rather my question is if your child did/does kumon, was/is it worth the time/money? and, how long before you saw your child benefitting? kumon mom...for now

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