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A Guide to ZK Attendance Management 2008 (Ver 3): A Web-based Data Master System for Time and Attendance Tracking

Some systems were developed to record the attendance of students. A multi-modal attendance system is illustrated in Fig 4. The system is integrated with a student mobile phone, a student smart-pen, and an attendance system. When the student enters the school, he/she has to carry the phone and the pen. In addition, the student may add the attendance on their smart-pen using the sound of their voice. Moreover, the system is composed of two parts: the attendance registration system and the attendance marking system. In the attendance registration system, the students have to upload the attendance data to an attendance central server using their mobile phones. In the attendance marking system, a teacher can check the attendance of a student using the received data from the server. As a result, some of the bio-based attendance system has been enhanced to include more functions. For example, some of the system came with integration with the data from a bio-dashboard or attendance management software program to determine the status of the particular students. They are expected to have up to date attendance record and a good management system to help with the student's well-being.

ZK Attendance Management 2008 (Ver 3

Smartphone-based attendance system is the most common method to mark attendance. The advantage of this system is that the system is highly reliable, user friendly and affordable compared to other attendance systems. However, some of the drawbacks are the limitation of smartphone applications (app) for attendance management [ 10 28 ]. For example, SAPP (smartphone automated attendance process) is currently the only app that was designed to identify and manage the attendance of a student based on biometrics and the Android platform [ 19 ]. SAPP can be installed on a device which has a processor and the android operating system. Moreover, it provides functions such as: (i) automatic marking attendance; (ii) verification of attendance; (iii) attendance history; (iv) record cancellation; (v) utilization of the school's power adapter and an internet connection. SAPP is capable of marking a student's attendance through a USB or headset [ 10, 19 ]. Alternatively, Dong et al. [ 30 ] integrated the attendance verification process with smartphone application called intelligent academic reminder that is called iniTera.

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