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Tell Me Lies S01E09 FRENCH HDTV

And sure enough, Claire tells the men to vote "with their conscience" (which basically means "no"), and then turns around and lies to Frank's face, saying they're on board. She also accepts Remy's offer -- he'll get the filters out of Sudan if she'll work to kill the bill. I was practically rooting for Claire to f**k over Frank; the shit this woman endures at the hands of her husband is ridiculous. He cheats, he lies, he's emotionless, she's going through menopause without support, people around her are having children, men want her (and she wants them) but she can't have them, and he uses her for political gain nearly every waking second. Need I go on? It's obvious that she's had enough and she's not going to take it anymore.

Tell Me Lies S01E09 FRENCH HDTV

Back in real time, she gets spooked by some mysterious noises. Emily dodges books which fall from the stacks and when she returns to the aisle she had been in, she discovers her bag and the letter are missing. Meanwhile, Ella walks in on Mr. Fitz in a storage closet looking for supplies and introduces herself. She commends his dedication driving from New York in this weather. Ella mentions the separation from her husband and asks Ezra if he has noticed any changes in Aria lately. He says no and tells her Aria is a very engaged student. She tells him she is glad Aria has an adult in her life whom she can admire.

In the Enchanted Forest, the Evil Queen is leading Hansel and Gretel to the home of the Blind Witch. She tells them that the Blind Witch has something that belongs to her and that she wants them to get it back. Gretel asks her why she cannot just get it herself, and the Evil Queen replies by telling her that there is a spell that prevents adults from going into the Blind Witch's house. She tells Hansel and Gretel that the house is unique, and no matter how much they are tempted, they should not eat anything. The evil queen then steps back to reveal that the house is made of sweet treats.

Emma calls Mary Margaret and tells her to meet her outside. Emma reveals to Mary Margaret that Michael does not want Ava and Nicholas, and that she does not want to tell them. Mary Margaret says that she should, but Emma replies by saying that she does not want them to know that she gave them false hope. Emma also tells Mary Margaret that she lied to Henry about his dad being a hero. Regina walks up to Emma and tells her that she needs to drive Ava and Nicholas to Boston. 041b061a72

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