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The Train Robbers YIFY

Showing some of the same character as his Hannibal Smith leader of the A-Team, George Peppard plays an amiable outlaw who takes the fall for a train robbery. After serving a sentence in prison Peppard gets out and finds that his close associate John Vernon has married Peppard's woman Diana Muldaur and is now quite prosperous and he and his former gang are exploiting Chinese immigrants who originally came to the USA to work on the Central Pacific Railway. This was a year or two before David Carradine's Kung Fu series debuted and where Asian Americans got themselves a western hero. Not talked about too much, but the Chinese and Japanese who immigrated in such numbers were the subject of punitive laws that denied them any kind of rights just as you see here in One More Train To Rob. I don't think that Vernon's Irish brogue was an accident either. A man named Dennis Kearney an Irish immigrant was the leader of a vigilante movement in California against the Asians that cost many lives.For some reason One More Train To Rob is singularly unavailable. If broadcast I suggest you watch it.

The Train Robbers YIFY

George Peppard is a train robber by profession. After his last, failed robbery, he wound up in prison. Now he's out and looking for vengeance on his former partners, especially John Vernon, who speaks with an Irish accent.This looks like a TV movie writ large, and that's probably the effect of having Andrew Maclaglen direct. He was the look-alike son of Victor Maclaglen. After working as an assistant director on action films, he started directing TV, including a lot of westerns like HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL and GUNSMOKE. He started directing action movies. They were mostly westerns, but there was always something cartoon-like about his films. He directed his last movie in 1991. He died in 2014, aged 94.

Timothy Nolan((John Vernon) was lucky. He got to sit with unmarried Katy(Diane Moldaur) on the train, while the rest of the train robbers brandished hardware and dynamite in stopping the train and opening the mail car, to get at the strong box containing paper currency. The latter was stuffed into the empty suitcases of Nolan and Katy, who had no problem getting past security to their hotel room. They would soon marry, buy a mansion and make investments with nearly the whole of the loot. Several years later, Nolan tries to steal a gold shipment from a Chinese mining consortium, but is thwarted. He needs a big loan or heist to avoid bankruptcy before his investments pay dividends. The commercial banks won't make the loan, so he keeps sounding out the Chinese for a loan. They aren't too keen on the idea.......Meanwhile, fellow train robber Harker Fleet(George Peppard) has been sent to prison, not for the train robbery, but for injuring the sheriff and deputy in his haste to exit a window when he heard that he was expected to marry a girl he had made pregnant. Fleet later discovered that the girl wasn't pregnant, although they had married that morning. She soon had the marriage annulled, as she didn't want to be married to a jailbird. Nolan had successfully deprived Fleet of his share of the loot, and had stolen his girl(Katy), who believed him married. Two and a half years later, Fleet was released, and moved to where Nolan and Katy were reported to be. Eventually, Nolan, Fleet, and Chang(head of the Chinese miners consortium) agreed on a complex plan to get the Chinese gold safely to San Francisco. Nolan was hoping to steal part of it. You may need to run this bye again to gain an understanding of the details. Anyway, there is a climactic shootout around the train and train station, the Chinese using dynamite in place of firearms, which they were unfamiliar with. It was Nolan and henchmen vs. Fleet, the Chinese, and Katy. Guess who ends up alive to claim Kate as his wife-to-be.......This is the only western I've encountered where Chinese gold miners are characterized as they usually were: in sizable groups. These offered them more protection from the depredations of mostly non-Chinese, which usually went unpunished, because California Chinese had virtually no civil rights, hence no protection by the judicial system. After 1852, there were thousands of Chinese gold miners, and by 1870, they constituted a third of the CA gold miners. They tended to mine what others considered less promising areas, and stay longer. Since they weren't allowed to become citizens, they were subject to the Foreign Miners Tax, which often robbed them of 50% of their profit. They were often subject to rapacious fake tax collectors......Sometimes described as a comedic western, the humor is mostly concentrated in one segment , where Fleet enters the bedroom of a sleeping prostitute to claim that he was with her all night, thus could not possibly be one of the train robbers. He had to deal with an idiosyncratic music box he accidentally activated that wouldn't stop playing. Fortunately, the prostitute was a sound sleeper..... See this entertaining film at YouTube.

The picture talks about a widow (Anne Margret , though Wayne felt she had stolen too many scenes) who contracts as employer to a motley group of cowboys (Jon Wayne , Rod Taylor , Ben Johnson, Christopher George , Vinton and Jerry Gatlin replacing Jack Elam) to help her retrieve the robbed gold of the Well Fargo in order to delete her late husband's bad name who had previously stolen it . The gold is located on a far desert and they'll have to cross various places until achieve their objective and being pursued by some cutthroats and a detective of Pinkerton agency (Ricardo Montalban) .The highlights of the film are the imposing attack by the bunch of baddies on the train remains where the protagonists are sheltered and , of course , the final confrontation results to be pretty exciting . In the motion picture there is western action , continuous riding , emotion , tension , adventures , relaxed acting and results to be quite entertaining as well as fun . John Wayne's and Ann-Margret's character names , "Lane" and "Mrs. Lowe," are the same as Wayne's and Geraldine Page's characters' names in Hondo by John Farrow . The storyline is simple and plain but the final plot line has an astounding surprise that turns out to be the best part of the movie . Good support cast , such as : Ricardo Montalban , Ben Johnson , Jerry Gatlin , and Christopher George who played along with Wayne in "El Dorado" (1967) and "Chisum" (1970) . Excellent musical score by Dominic Frontiere , author of various enjoyable western soundtracks , thus : ''Barquero'', ''Chisum'' and ''Hang high'' . Glittering and impressive cinematography by William H. Clothier at his last film , habitual photographer of John Wayne films , it is colourfully shown on the numerous outdoors that are stunning location shots . This low-key pic was produced by John Wayne and his son Michael G. Wayne , proprietaries of the Batjac Productions . The movie was professionally directed by Burt Kennedy , author and screenwriter of a few classic Western mostly performed by Randolph Scott and directed by Budd Boetticher . The flick will appeal to John Wayne fans and western moviegoers . Rating: Nice and good . It's worthwhile seeing.

This exciting Western is a reasonable engaging tale in which a wealthy woman traveling by herself on horseback leaves her husband to take up riding with outlaws who have robbed a safe . At first , after a chance encounter , a beautiful lady called Catherine Crocker (Sarah Miles) recently escaped from her abusive hubby becomes involved with a band of train robbers led by Jay Grobart (Burt Reynolds , this was one of his first romantic love-stories on the screen) and three other men : Dawes (Jack Warden) , Billy Bowen (Bo Hopkins) and an Indian named Charlie Bent (Varela) who have carried out a robbing a train of its Wells Fargo cargo of $100,000 . In their escape from the crime scene they are chased by a motley group of bounty hunters . Jay has the ordinary problems of managing the three bandits , Dawes and Billy in particular who want to rape the attractive lady . In meantime , they are pursued by a posse led by the tough Harvey Lapchance (Lee J. Cobb), including a mining executive , Willard Crocker (George Hamilton) who results to be Catherine's husband . But the go-riding gets harder , as the bunch fall out among themselves and things go worse . The plot is plain and simple , a dangerous gang on the lam are forced out of circumstance to take along an elegant lady -who holds a dark secret- , against her will , as she , like them , is running away ; while she is harassed and finally falls in love with the main star . As the picture reveals itself to be a romance and a throughly love story . The phrase "Cat Dancing" of the film and source novel's title refers to the name of the first wife of this movie's central character Jay performed by Burt Reynolds . It's a love on the run in which the protagonists , Jay/Burt and Catherine/Sarah , along the journey learn more about what is under the surface , and both of whom start to fall for each other ; as their tragic pasts coming close to making us care . Good interpretation all around . Burt Reynolds gives a passable acting as an outlaw on the run after avenging his spouse's murder and who has a posse on his trail . Burt Reynolds and Jack Warden apparently insisted on doing their own stunts for this movie . That's why the production filming was shut-down for a week when the movie's star Burt Reynolds was injured on the set from a stunt fight with Jack Warden . This movie is one of a number of screen westerns that Burt Reynolds made during the mid-late 1960s and early 1970s , these movie westerns include Navajo Joe (1966) ; 100 rifles (1969) ; Sam Whisky (1969) and this one . Sarah Miles is acceptable as Catherine Crocker , she was only cast in the lead role just a short time before production started shooting . Support cast is pretty good , such as : the good-looking George Hamilton as Willard Crocker , Lee J . Cobb as Harvey Lapchance , the investigator for Wells Fargo who has a posse of men on their command . Furthermore , Bo Hopkins , Robert Donner , Nancy Malone and Jay Silverheels who played several times the Indian role . Michel Legrand was originally hired to compose the musical score for the film but studio executives informed him that his score was not what they felt the film needed and that he was being dismissed, being replaced by the great John Williams . It packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Harry Stradling Jr. The motion picture was professionally directed by Richard C Sarafian , though Steven Spielberg William Norton and Brian G. Hutton both declined offers to direct this movie , as Sarafian became this movie's director after the original director left the project . Sarafian was a good craftsman . While employed as a reporter in Kansas City , he met the director, Robert Altman, who hired Sarafian as his assistant. Sarafian has a fruitful career making TV episodes and films and directing a classic iconic movie : Vanishing Point (1971) , as his car chase sequence served as inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (2007) . Richard portrayed two real-life Mafia figures: Jack Dragna in Bugsy (1991) and Paul Castellano in Gotti (1996). And directed a lot of dramas and thrillers as Gangster Wars , The next man, Solar Crisis, Run Wild , Run Free, Terror at Black falls, Fragment of Fear , Street Justice and Eye of the tiger 041b061a72

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