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DDMF - Metaplugin V2.5.1

todas las demas herramientas trabajaran con pluing de audio-unit o midi en audio-unit 2.0.10, con ejecuciones completas en pluing de audio-unit 2.11, puesto que, sin embargo, vos podras utilizar tambin pluing de audio-unit 2.9 con ejecuciones parciales del audio-unit 2.10 o 2.11 o no usar audio-unit 2.11.

DDMF - Metaplugin v2.5.1

audioease snapper (mac)acousticcalculator (mac)beatrig grimm levelone (mac)beetherig v2.0.6.2 (mac)policedrum v2.0 (mac)the drum tutor v1.2 (mac)tweakbox 2.5 (mac)w.a production instachord v1.2.0 (mac)w.a production instascale (mac)

one of the annoying things to me about this firmware upgrade is that it implies you will need to know how to program, even if just for the very basics. nothing is available in the menus or on the help screen, bar the standard "start" and "stop" buttons, that are essentially equivalent to program focus and de-focus.

in other words, its an update. not a need to buy a new metaproject, just a straightforward pay-to-upgrade route, giving you the free future v3 updates to your existing metaproject version for the cost of a modem.

at the time of writing, a metaproject would cost you $19 (us), but if you want the update, you can just head over to and hit the download button. (1.2gb)

since its release in 2011, metaplugin has become one of the essential plugins in the studios of musicians, engineers, producers and sound designers. with its huge variety of features and functions, it is the next step in the evolution of plug-ins. it comes with a back-end that ensures the stability of the application and its plug-ins and gives it the stability required for intensive usage. metaplugin v2 was perfectly suited for producers who wanted to experiment with their sound in a flexible way with unlimited possibilities. over the years the product continued to evolve, like many plug-ins do. the new version of metaplugin now enables even more possibilities, more flexibility and more stability than ever. at the same time, the developers have learned a lot from the use and experiences of the customers and together with the online forum have worked on the functions and usability of the application.

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