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Incest Magazine !NEW!

it's "nice" and it's "safe" and it's a "way to meet girls." it's all those things, but it's not right for everyone. but for those people who are "born this way," in the words of the village people, you'd better watch out.

incest magazine


the last black president of the united states, barack obama, made a public statement against revisionist claims of race relations in the us. he pointed out that there is no end to the myths and misconceptions about race in america, and insisted that civil rights did not begin after the civil war. in fact, they only got better:

also some areas are so far into the china tibet thing that the population is shrinking and there will be people who die before they can be born. it's getting worse and they do not have the right to abortion. yet in all these places women do have the right to abortions, so to support the government on this is sort of like supporting the government on the caging of lgbt people. that's wrong. women are human beings. why do we keep going back? why don't we just get rid of them?

it sounds like liberal feminism was aiming for a radical egalitarian political vision. that is, the equality of women and men was a means to an end, one which did not consider differences in the sexes or the different modes of social organization that are so manifest in the history of capitalism. but this did not mean that the personal was politically irrelevant. feminists pointed out that one of the biggest ways that society defines women as inferior is through reproductive exclusion, and they were prepared to argue that this was not an inevitable consequence of the biological differences between the sexes, but rather the outcome of the economic organization of society in a capitalist world.

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