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Pawnee The Greatest Town In America Pdf Download

Dear Person:If you are reading this, then you would like to know about the book, Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America by Parks Department Deputy Director Leslie Knope. I have read the book and can confirm that it is well written and informative. End of review.I have been asked to go into further detail with this review. This is not what I signed up for, but fine.I have lived in Pawnee for many years and so I can also verify that this is an accurate portrait of the town. Leslie Knope is certainly the most qualified person to write a book about Pawnee, because she loves the town, and she is also willing to spend an inordinate amount of time doing pointless things like writing books.Apparently I am to continue. Four hundred words, is the assignment. Fine. You'll get 400 and not one more.The book is colorful, using many of the colors found in the color wheel. By asking for contributions from people like Chris Traeger (City Manager), Ben Wyatt (Assistant City Manager), and other humans, Leslie ensured it would cover a broad array of viewpoints. Further, by profiling every aspect of the town - Sweetums, Perd Hapley, Joan Callamezzo, eateries like JJ's Diner and Pete's Pete-zaria, and parks (to just name a few subjects at random) - this book encompasses everything that Leslie says makes Pawnee the greatest town in America.The best section of the book, in my opinion, is the review of the Pawnee Library. "Don't Bother," begins the section - and that's all I would have said on the subject. I wouldn't have wasted one ounce of additional ink for anything related to the library. But this is Leslie's account of our town, and despite our best efforts, the library is indeed a part of it. Leslie correctly describes it as the soul-sucking, hell fire and brimstone cesspool that it is. My ex-wife, Tammy (the library's she-demon director), even gets a section in the listing of government employees. And while I can't quote anything from it (upon seeing her write-up, I immediately took my carving knife andPhoto by: Michell Haaseth/NBC (c) NBC Universal, Inc.removed it from my copy), I generally remember it as accurately describing her.To sum up: I only recommend items I believe in, and I am proud to put the Ron Swanson name behind this book. Buy it. There. Four hundred words, including these.Cordially,Ron Swanson

Pawnee The Greatest Town In America Pdf Download

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