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About Laina

I am ecstatic you have found your way here!

I’m Laina Crew and founder of Synchronize For Life ™ and Laina M. Crew Coaching & Consulting LLC. I am an MBA, Award Winning Business Leader & Educator, IWA Certified Integrative Life Coach, Heal Your Life® Leader, as well as a loving wife, mother, daughter, friend, and colleague.

At midlife, I’m one of the happiest and healthiest people around. My family, friends, and colleagues regularly comment on how I “glow” and exude a peaceful and loving presence.    

My state of being might be considered miraculous given my lifetime circumstances. I am thriving even though I endured over 30 years of severe and complex traumatic events. I’m happy despite living most of my life with anxiety, intermittent depression, and PTSD. I am peaceful when I used to be in a continual hyper stressed fight/flight state. I’m athletic and healthy after decades of obesity and stagnant fitness. I am loving when many people in my life failed to show me love and support. I quickly healed from cancer because of the alignment techniques I use and prescribe.

My thriving and healed state is attainable by anyone. Even though every individual’s healing journey is unique, there are crucial pathways to Synchronize

Transform For a Life You Love Living ™.

If you are ready to transform your life, join me for an introductory coaching session.

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Taylor Wold

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