About Laina

I am ecstatic you have found your way here!

I’m Laina Crew and founder of Synchronize For Life ™ and Laina M. Crew Coaching & Consulting LLC. I am an MBA, Award Winning Business Leader & Educator, IWA Certified Integrative Life Coach, Heal Your Life® Leader, as well as a loving wife, mother, daughter, friend, and colleague.

At midlife, I’m one of the happiest and healthiest people around. My family, friends, and colleagues regularly comment on how I “glow” and exude a peaceful and loving presence.    

My state of being might be considered miraculous given my lifetime circumstances. I am thriving even though I endured over 30 years of severe and complex traumatic events. I’m happy despite living most of my life with anxiety, intermittent depression, and PTSD. I am peaceful when I used to be in a continual hyper stressed fight/flight state. I’m athletic and healthy after decades of obesity and stagnant fitness. I am loving when many people in my life failed to show me love and support.

My thriving and healed state is attainable by anyone. Even though every individual’s healing journey is unique, there are crucial pathways to Synchronize For a Life You Love Living ™.

If you are ready to transform your life, join me for online and in person workshops, groups, coaching, and consulting.

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Taylor Wold

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